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The Starch-Plus Weight Loss & Health Program

Get lean, healthy and feel great for life eating amazing comfort food meals.

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I lost 35 lbs, lowered my cholesterol to 112 mg/dL, lowered my blood pressure and eliminated lower back pain...

in months...

eating the same type and amount of food I was already eating...

burgers, fries, pizza, burritos, tacos, pasta, pancakes, waffles...

...by making simple tweaks in how they were prepared.


Over the years my weight gradually went up and up. Occasionally when I got sick of the excess weight I would go on a diet, cutting back on portions, fighting hunger, resisting temptations.

I went for a blood test and my cholesterol was through the roof. My triglycerides were so high they couldn't measure the LDL (bad cholesterol).

So I started researching and watching health documentaries where I finally discovered a starch-based diet.

I was skeptical at first. How could I eat a lot of carbs like potatoes and lose weight? Don't carbs make you fat?

But I decided to take a chance and give it a try.

The weight started flying off.

My blood pressure went back to normal.

After 10 months I tested my cholesterol again. It was amazing at 112 mg/dL or what they call heart attack proof baby!

I decided I HAD to share this with the rest of the world!

Even being a shy guy (and what some people call Asperger's) I set up a YouTube channel.

I started sharing recipes. People loved them. They were simple, tasty and really filling.

The food reminded them of what they ate as a child but they were losing fat and getting healthy!

Will (before) Will (before)

Before/After Transformation Before/After Transformation

Hi, I'm Will, age 46, and my wife Bonnie is 52. We are average, sedentary people who want to spread the word about healthy, low fat starch-based eating without doing tons of exercise like some of the other high-carbers out there. This means lots of potatoes, such as mashed potatoes, shepherd's pie, baked fries, gravy, chili, tacos, nachos, pizza and other yummy foods. We love salads and fruit as well. These are all low fat, no oil recipes but rest assured they're soooo good!

1075328_10151495964421780_611679749_o (1)

We were big meat eaters in the past, living in Alberta, Canada which is cattle country. Over 10 years ago we went vegetarian mostly due to animal welfare, but would still eat fast food on occasion that had turkey/chicken or a sub. I'd feel bad of course but it was hard to kick the addiction. For many years we've been basically vegetarian but looking back we ate a lot of cheddar cheese, mayonnaise, oil, sour cream, etc. My absolute heaviest was over 220 lbs as a meat eater, but even in the last couple years it crept up to around 214 lbs on a vegetarian diet. After going low fat no oil vegan I lost 35 lbs and am now building some muscle!

Will (before) Will (before)

After watching Forks over Knives, Engine 2 diet and reading books such as Food for Life, The Starch Solution, Pleasure Trap, The China Study and others we finally decided to throw out all the junk food and go 100% starch based. We think this is key as moderation doesn't seem to work. Whenever we ate something fattening we would start thinking about it a lot and end up eating it again within a few days. I like to think of myself as an addict, moderation doesn't seem to work for cigarette smokers and alcoholics! This food is just too addictive!

Our families have histories of heart disease. Lots of heart attacks and related issues so as you get older you start to worry about those sorts of things.

Weight Loss

When I started eating a starch-based diet back on June 30, 2013 I decided to enter my weight into a spreadsheet. I’m glad I did because now I can show you what happened in my case which can hopefully help you.

I didn’t weigh myself every day but when I did I tried to record it in a Google spreadsheet. So I’m suggesting that you weigh yourself once a week on the same day, in the morning after you go to the bathroom without any clothes on or just your underwear. The graph below covers a year of time that I was losing weight.

weight loss graph

As you can see there are some small ups and downs as well as a bump in October. I was consistent in my eating the entire time. The ups and downs hopefully show you that weight can fluctuate but over time the weight goes down. So don’t get discouraged by weighing yourself every day and freaking out if the scale goes up sometimes. The ups and downs can wreak havoc with your mental state! So a graph can give you peace of mind that the overall trend is downward.

My weight started to go down right away but it can sometimes take a week or two to see results. That is because the carbohydrates you eat are stored as glycogen in the organs and muscles and this carries water weight along with it. Between the water and glycogen this could be upwards of 6 pounds of weight. So you could lose fat but the scale won’t budge or it even goes up at first. Please be patient!

In late October I bought a chin up and dip tower and started doing some bodyweight training. It seems that when you start weight training your muscles fill up with water. So you see an increase in scale weight at that point in the above graph.

You can also use visual cues to see progress such as clothes getting looser, looking at yourself with no clothes on, taking pictures, measuring body fat with calipers or a body fat monitor.

The scale is not the best or most accurate way of measuring progress but it’s a good relative measure - that is it can work to show the relative change in your weight. If you are doing weight training the scale will be even more confusing as you will have muscle gains. Your weight could stay the same but your body could transition from having more fat to more muscle.

You might lose fat faster or slower than I did. That’s perfectly fine. There are ways to accelerate the progress such as avoiding nuts, flour (pizza, bread, wraps), and dried fruit (dates, raisins), refined sugars (sugar, maple syrup) and even less starches and more non-starchy vegetables. In my case I wanted my weight loss to be sustainable so I included pizza, a little nut butter and the odd dessert in my meals. I was afraid that if I restricted these foods and then I started adding these foods back in my weight would go back up again. But it’s something you might want to consider if you want to accelerate the fat loss.

I also tracked upper body fat starting in October so I don’t know what the initial fat percentage was. But it was higher than 19% based on the fact that I had lost weight between June and October, prior to purchasing the body fat monitor. The device only measures upper body fat but you can also get scales that measure the full body fat. This is not the most accurate method but it’s quick and gives you a basic idea of your body fat percentage. Things like muscle can throw off the measurements.

body fat graph

So the body fat measurements gave me an additional indication that I was losing fat over time even when the weight loss didn’t change for a while.

Once I got to a lean body mass I stopped weighing myself regularly and measuring body fat, mostly because it had stabilized and also because I am doing some body weight training. I mostly focus on visual cues and how my pants fit to judge if I am gaining weight. I’m currently fitting nicely into 32 inch waist jeans with a bit of extra room. I don’t even think I wore that size in high school! So far it’s been totally stable, all without counting calories or watching portions and this is after a few years being low fat no oil starch-based!

Blood Test Results

Prior to starting a starch-based diet I had my blood tested for cholesterol and triglycerides on 2 separate occasions. The first time on October 29, 2010, the triglycerides were so high the lab couldn’t calculate the LDL (bad cholesterol)! The total cholesterol was 219 mg/dL.

cholesterol test before

At the time I thought the results must be wrong so later I had them tested again. The second test was done on August 24, 2011 (prior to going starch-based) and the values are shown in the picture below.

cholesterol Before, 2nd test

The triglycerides were lower and LDL was able to be read. But the total cholesterol was 205.7 mg/dL.

10 months after going starch-based I decided to get a blood test again. I thought I would wait to try and make sure I cleared out my system and gave the diet a chance to work its magic. Here are the results from the starch-based diet.

cholesterol test after

Incredibly my total cholesterol was 112 mg/dL! Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn has reported that people with a total cholesterol of less than 150 mg/dL never have a heart attack. Good news!

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Your Instructor

Will Kriski
Will Kriski

Will lost 35 lbs and lowered his cholesterol to 112 mg/dL eating an amazing comfort food diet. Now he shares his experience with thousands of people around the globe!

Course Curriculum

“I just wanted to thank you very much for all the content you provide to make being health so easy and tasty. I bought your recipe guide this week and I must say this is now one of my favorite recipe books of all time ( and I have a lot of cook books). I just tried the potato and white bean cakes and they were divine. I cant wait to try every recipe in the book. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! Please make another program soon. ” ~Nicole Clementine

Will you are an inspiration to me. I bought both your products. I went strict on McDougall’s plan last year. Lost steadily in a month and a half I went from 147 to 129. No effort. Ate lots of mcdougall food. But was lazy and ate the few things over and over. Got bored and slowly caved in to oil. Then wine. Then hungry because not eating foods that satiated me. And I gained lots back. So I’m motivated by you. Today I made your banana oat pancakes. To simply “die” for. Yesterday was first day back on. Big bowl of pasta and fat free marinara at dinner. In one day lost 3 pounds. I’m Syked. You are my guru. Lol” Roz Goldstein Reynolds
“It was there that lead me to your “Potato Strong” Facebook page discussing weight loss and health, based around eating potatoes and starch based plant based foods. I thought to myself “this guy is off his rocker and totally nuts!” Everybody knows carbs, especially potatoes, makes you fat! Being extremely skeptical, I had to check out your Potato Strong page and see what was up. I think you were just less than a year into your Dr. McDougall plan. I was surprised at your success! So, after gaining and losing between 30-60 pounds 3-4 times in my life, trying several fad diets, I decided I would commit 100% and try your crazy potato starch based plant based diet for 30 days. I was TOTALLY amazed! I lost 18 pounds, blood pressure and glucose dropped and I was never hungry and felt great! Here I am 2 years later at 50 pounds lighter! I have reached my goal! My blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose are now in the healthy range and I feel better than I have in years! I followed yours and Dr. McDougall’s advice and my exercise program was easy and simple. I bought a bicycle and rode it or walked about 30 minutes 4-5 days a week as my main source of exercise. Also, I occasionally did push ups, ab crunches and some light dumbbell exercises maybe once or twice a week. Thanks to you and Dr. McDougall I have found out how to stay trim and healthy by simply eating nutritious, natural, easy to prepare, inexpensive food without harm to a single animal or the planet. I hope we can meet in person someday so I can personally thank you. Great job my friend and much success with your new book!!!” Gary K. – Florida

“I just want to thank you for writing your book. Transitioning to a wfpb diet that also low in fat has been very challenging to me, particularly as a single mom of 3, but I have tried several of your recipes and not only are they easy to make with easy to find ingredients, but my kids love them also!! I tried your pizza recipe tonight and it turned out perfect, even better than pizza ordered out! My middle son has already called dibs on the final piece, and he’s a pretty picky guy. Sorry for the long message, but really, thank you so much and please keep sharing your recipes.” ~Sincerely, Jaimee

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